Cinque Terre a must visit place in Italy

Italy is not just a destination for art lovers, but it also has a beautiful coastline that travellers can explore. Cinque Terre is an ancient Italian coast made of five small villages namely Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. These villages are situated on the hills facing Sea, have colorful homes and vineyards.

When I planned my trip to Italy, I wanted to see its ancient architecture, beautiful buildings, vineyards as well as its coastlines. I did not have enough time to reach Amalfi, a southern coast of Italy. Therefore, I choose to visit Cinque Terre as it is easy and faster to reach from Florence.

Cinque Terre makes up for an easy to reach destination when you have less time in your itinerary to reach southern coast of Italy and still you want to experience the beauty of staying on the coast.

How to reach?

The easiest way to reach Cinque Terre is by catching a train to La Spazia. I was staying in Florence, so I started early morning and catch train to La Spazia, which took around 3.5 hours. Once you reach you can choose to buy ticket to go to specific village or a Cinque Terre regional train pass which costs 16 euros and allows you to travel between any of the 5 villages for 24 hours. I wanted to visit all the villages and hence I went to buy whole day pass.

I started from the first village on the way, Riomaggiore. It is a small village with colorful houses. You can find small restaurants serving seafood, gelato shops and souvenir shops in that tiny village. After spending some time here and relishing my Gelato, I moved to next village by catching a 10 minutes train ride.

Next village is Manarola, it is a bigger village, has some vineyards on the hills and offers beautiful scenery of colorful houses, harbor and Sea. Since I reached there at lunch time, all the restaurants were full. I choose to buy a take away food and had my lunch watching Sea and feeling the breeze on my face. It started drizzling a bit, yet I found myself in peace despite of so many people around.

Next villages Cornigilia and Vernazza are quite similar to Manarola. However, offers beautiful views. If you do not have enough time, these two villages can be skipped. It all depends on your day’s schedule. If you plan to stay in Cinque Terre for two or more days, then you can also trek to all five villages instead of taking a train.

Monterosso al Mare

My next and final stop of my day’s trip was Monterosso al Mare. This village gives exemplary views of coastline and has a beautiful beach. It is also a favourable place to swim and get tanned. The day I went was cloudy and drizzling, as you can see in the pictures, I choose to sit and relax watching waves.

There were little food and drinks joints. I bought a large glass of kiwi smoothie and chilled at the beach. Since I had to go back to Florence, I left before it gets too dark. But I suggest to stay at least for couple of days at Cinque Terre to enjoy its beauty, Sea food and village life.

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