Queen of Hills Mussoorie


My eyes are closed,

Still they are dreaming,

They are seeing how alive the nature is,

My eyes are closed,

Still they are enlightened,

With the soothing sunlight touching my soul,

The fresh breeze and the chirping birds,

My eyes are closed,

But i can still see inside my soul and,

how every sense of my body is breathing in the life…

Yes, these words ain’t enough to express the amazing feelings I experienced when I visited the queen of hills, Mussoorie. I reached Mussoorie at 10 p.m. and it was almost 12 a.m. at night that I fell asleep. That day went entirely in road trip, which made me extremely tired, but not so tired, as at 11 p.m. I still gathered all my strength to go to terrace and feel the chilling cold. I missed the night lights of the mountains, but I can still feel the calm freeze winds telling me the city is at rest.

I slept keeping alarm of 5 a.m. morning, because i wanted to take a first glimpse of sunrise at the queen of hills. Our hotel was at hill top, hence having the best scenic view. I woke up before alarm could ring, freshened up and ran to terrace at 4.30 a.m. On mountains, the dawn starts early and so will people start working. I wanted to experience the quietness and serene beauty of mountains before all are awake. And here I am, on terrace, in the morning 4.30 a.m., my eyes are still closed, but i can feel the nature.

Soon the sun risen behind the mountains far away, enlightening our lives and souls. Nothing can beat this feeling. So when you are lost in your urban lives, just wake up and think where do you belong to. Just believe in nature and get yourself lost in these mountains and valleys, and every other materialistic things will become worthless in front of the peace and tranquillity you get.

~ Pooja 🙂