Switzerland travel itinerary and tips

When the name Switzerland comes up, our minds are filled with images of beautiful alps, glaciers, lush green landscapes, snow skiing, and much more. And in case if you belong to India, you might also experience DDLJ songs playing in your head (I did ?).

Switzerland was always my dream destination and I wanted to soak in all the nature I could and get lost in the Alps. Therefore, I choose it to be part of my solo trip. It is widely known as a honeymoon destination, but to my surprise, I met so many solo travelers and people backpacking with their friends.

Once you decide that you want to go to Switzerland, the next step is to plan an itinerary. As Switzerland has various options to explore mountains, do hiking, or adventure sports, it really depends on what are your interests.

My 7 days Switzerland itinerary:

Day 1 – Reach Basel and rest.

Day 2 – Reach Lucerne, take a boat and cable car to Mount Rigi. Explore Lucerne city and lion monument.

Day 3 – Jungfrau, the top of Europe.

Day 4 – Visit Rhine falls in Schaffhausen and go to Zurich

Day 5 – Schillthorn ( from this peak you can see Swiss skyline that consists of top mountains namely Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau) and trummelbach waterfalls.

Day 6 – Initially I planned to go to Zermatt, but I was very tired to do such a long round trip. Therefore I chose to take a boat ride on Lake Brianz and then I went to a beautiful city called Bern.

Day 7 – Leisure day before starting for next destination.

What is the best way to travel?

There are trains, trams, bus, boats, and rental cars available as a mode of transportation. While exploring by road is an experience in itself, if you are on a solo trip or on a strict budget, like me, then the train is your best bet. Train in Switzerland is the fastest way to reach any corner of the country. They are comfortable, on time, and convenient. If you want to explore cities, then tram connectivity is also fantastic.

Is travel pass or rail pass worth it?

Switzerland is an expensive country to travel within. A train ticket for a round trip can cost you anywhere between 70 to 100 Swiss francs. Therefore, buying a correct rail pass is very important and can save you a lot of money.

There are many options available to choose from. The most popular passes are as below:

Swiss Travel Pass: Covers access to all train, bus, boat, and bus. Free cable car to Mount Rigi, Schillthorn, and Stanserhorn. Also 25% discount for Jungfrau. Free access to all the Museums.

Eurail Pass: Covers all train routes and selected boat and bus services.

Swiss half fare card: Gives 50% discount on almost all the travel modes and entry tickets.

It can be tricky to decide which of the above card suits your need. I chose Swiss Travel Pass, as it made internal travel hassle-free.

Choosing budget friendly accommodation?

Once you are sorted with choosing a travel pass, the next step is accommodation. As I had friends staying in a city called Basel, I stayed at their place. The connectivity to all the destinations I wanted to go was very easy from Basel. This way I saved the accommodation cost.

Another way is to stay in hostels. They are cheaper, clean, safe, and also gives you a chance meet new people. Always refer to the rating and reviews of the hostel before booking it. I use www.booking.com for hostel and hotel booking. Also, try to stay close to the destinations you want to go to. This can save you a lot of travel time.

Any suggestions for food?

Well, I am a foodie, so exploring local food was a must do for me. In Switzerland, the most famous local cuisine is Cheese fondue. Apart from that, every food variety is multicultural. Chocolates and ice creams are heavenly in Switzerland.

If you are traveling on a budget then I would suggest you buy ready to eat food, sandwiches, juice, and salads from a supermarket. As restaurants are very expensive and can mess up your budget.

Is it safe for female solo travelers?

Switzerland is absolutely safe for solo female travelers so you can rest assured. Trains and trams have fantastic connectivity and are available for almost 24 hours a day. The day when I did Jungfrau, I started the early morning at 6.30 am and came back home at 11.30 am. Everything was safe and public transportation was available.

Switzerland is like a barbie-land or a fairytale town. Every city and place will surprise you and make you feel so close to nature. I hope my blog helped you with planning your trip to Switzerland.



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