Tradition at Glance – Chennai

Time for some taste of South India. On my birthday weekend, I planned a short trip to Chennai to party with my close friends. Chennai offer great food, night life, and beaches. We started our Chennai trip with club hopping and loosing ourselves in music.

After partying hard, I had an agenda to explore streets of chennai, it’s culture and try traditional food (it is must being a foodie at heart).


First of all we decided to go for ‘Sadhya’, it is a traditional meal of South India. We went to a restaurant called Ente Kerelam. The place was decorated with flowers, diyas and the big wall art that you see in the picture above, is an ornament placed on elephant’s head. In Asian culture, elephants symbolises wisdom and royal power. And the flower rangoli, design made on floor using flower petals is a traditional art which is made during Onam festival in south India. Together these decorations bring is lot of positive and auspicious vibes.

Sadhya meal at Ente Kerelam

Sadhya is served on a banana leaf and as per tradition has to be eaten with hands. Any south Indian meal is suppose to be eaten with hands instead of using forks and spoons. In Sadhya they serve types of various curries, curd, pickles, chips, rice, banana, and at last four varieties of desserts made of rice and jaggery. There are two types of rice, plain and red rice. Red rice are more fluffy and have tint of red on it. The above picture is clicked before the rice were served, so please excuse me for the same. The meal is freshly cooked and is served in perfect temperature, that is not too hot or cold. I loved the fresh smell of the curries. You can eat it as you want, I liked mixing all the curries together, it gave an exotic taste. 🙂

Elliot’s Beach, Chennai

A trip to city based at a coastal line is not completed without visiting a beach. We headed to Elliot’s beach, which I read on #tripadvisor to be a must visit place. The beach was more clean and calm than expected. We took a quick walk and sat on a place. The tides seems high which created nice rhythmic sounds and beautiful view of waves trying to touch your soul. It was a public holiday, still there was very less crowed. On the street facing beach, you can find lot of options for snacks like from KFC, Different sandwich joints, pizza corners, and to my delight i found #swensens #icecream shop.

Woman selling Gajra (flower garland)

After ralaxing at beach, it was time for shopping. We headed towards Ayadar juction, to do some shopping for my family. I noticed most of the woman wearing gajra, it a flower garland made from jasmin flower. Not just that it is used as an ornament to be worn on head, but it is also used as an offering to worship God. I noticed the same flower garland even in the taxi front, that did spread an amazing fragrance around that can calm our mind.

Idli Podi snack at Murugan idli Shop

After doing a quick shopping of some banana chips, topiaco chips, and some ornaments for my mother; we headed to this shop called Murugan Idli Shop. It is a very famous restaurant, having many branches across the city, serving delicious south Indian snacks. We ordered idli, vada, and dosa. They serve it hot with coconut chutney, sambhar, and a chutney made from dal (you can consider chutney as curries). As I said above, the meal is always served on banana leaf and have to be eaten by hands, which brings in a different experience altogether. The food tasted fantastic, I was full in two servings and still wanted to have more. If you ever visit #Chennai, then Murugan Idli Shop must be your on your top of the list to visit.

The trip was short and it came to end before I realised. There must be more to explore. After all every city or place have a story to tell. I hope you liked this short story, which was more like a glance on the culture of Chennai city.


Pooja 🙂